Transformation Of A 3 Day Stubble From Being A Seasonal Trend To A Full Blown Men’s Fashion Statement

The days of women getting attracted to a clean shaven man are well gone by as the characteristics of a well groomed man has undergone a rapid make over in the last few years. One such fashion statement that is sweeping the women of their feet is the 3 day stubble look. The popularity of the 3 day stubble has become all encompassing as it has spread its wings across the bar room to the board room. This rugged look has increased the masculinity levels and is preferred in equal measures h by the youngsters and the middle aged men.

In addition to making a fashion statement, the stubble or the shorter facial hair is also suitable for men whose skin is too sensitive to frequent shaving actions. In order to maintain an attractive stubble, men has to look at two important aspects in the form of

  1. Stubble Shaping and Grooming
  2. Maintaining the overall length of the stubble

Stubble Shaping and Grooming

Stubble shaping mainly deals with clean shaving the areas that are outside the natural growth of the stubble. These areas include the top portion of the cheeks and the lower portion of the neck. By maintaining these areas in a clean shaven condition, the stubble would get a well groomed sharp line. In order to achieve this one has to first exfoliate their face with a face wash. This would remove the dead skin cells and lift the extra hair growth around the stubble region. By using a trimmer one can slowly trim the facial area that is outside the stubble. While trimming, one has to be extremely careful so that the stubble gets a sharp and an uniform edge to it. Trimming has to be done in the direction of hair growth.

Maintaining the length of the Stubble

With the rising popularity of the rugged stubble look, shaving blade manufacturers have now started introducing stubble kits as part of the trimming kit. This trimmer cum stubble kit can be extremely useful in maintaining the length of the beard to the required dimensions. The stubble kit comes with the required settings for achieving the picture perfect stubble not only along the chin areas but also below the neck areas. One can also adjust the blade settings to create designer stubble that stand makes men stand out in the crowd. The best stubble is still going to be right after having a proper shave with a wet razor blade after you shave your hair will grow back stronger and the stubble will look more quality.

Stubble look made popular by Celebrities

When a sports celebrity and a fashion icon like David Beckham comes with a three day stubble, it clearly indicates that the stubble fashion is here to stay for quite some time.Brad Pitt, Some of the biggest Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and George Clooney had sported a three day stubble look at certain points in the last couple of years.

Photo Credit: Diablo Azul via Compfight cc

Shaving Techniques That Bodybuilders Use To Look More Toned

Have you ever wondered why professional bodybuilders don’t have hair on their bodies? Well, most of them tone down excess body hair by using special shaving procedures. All contestants are required to have smooth bodies before going on-stage. Those with coarse and bushy skin may not be allowed to present themselves before judges.

There are many techniques that can be used to remove unnecessary hair from the body. Nevertheless, one should be keen to choose the safest method that would not result in side effects such as blisters. After identifying the best approach to use, bodybuilders should give themselves enough time for the skin to get used to shaving. The last thing you should do as a professional weightlifter is shaving for the first time a few hours before appearing for the competition.


Creams are the most popular shaving appliances since most people consider them to be less intrusive. Though this may be true, fact still remains that they are made from chemicals that could potentially react with the skin, particularly if one is allergic to ingredients found within the ointment. You definitely don’t want to have red, ugly and irritating rushes on the skin caused by your skin’s allergic reaction to the cream. No matter how large or toned your muscles are, such a thing can greatly ruin your chances of winning a bodybuilding contest. Judges don’t just look into these factors as much as they are important, but also your presentation and overall appearance on stage. Moreover, those who naturally grow long and tough hair may consider using other alternative since cream alone may not be able to pluck such types of hair from the roots.

Electric Clippers

Most of them consist of a comb, clipper and mechanical razor all fitted within the same machine. Once the switch is turned on, one can shave off as much hair as they want without worrying about the product getting finished as is the case with ointments. Bodybuilders should give themselves plenty of time while using electric clippers, since mistakes can be costly given that they may leave permanent scars on the skin. Shaving huge portions of hair can’t be rushed especially if you’re doing it for the first time, this process may take several minutes or even hours but the best thing you can do is being patient. Bodybuilders shave to look more toned and that is the nature of their business, if you are interested in joining this profession then it’s good to know which shaving technique would work for you. Many body builders will then finish off this process by using a razor blade to make sure that the skin is very smooth and will pick up more oil to look the best they can

6 ways to keep your razor blades fresh

Buying razor blades every now and then can be very expensive. If you fail to keep them appropriately, they may end up rusting and becoming dull, making razor blades unfit for a clean shave. Below are tips on how to keep your razor blades sharp and fresh.

1. Keep it clean

This may sound funny because most people are used to shaving and then just rinse the razor blade and keep it away. A quick after shave rinse does not remove all the dirt and corrosive culprits that may dull your razor like gel or shaving cream. By shaving, you also keep dead skin cells that tend to stay on the blade causing bacteria. Not only do these bacteria break down your blade but will also cause razor burn and ingrown hair.

After every shave, you should:

· Rinse your razor blade thoroughly on both sides and shake the excess water

· Clean with alcohol wipe

· Dry the razor using a soft cloth

2. Use razor pit

To effectively keep your razor blade fresh and clean, keep it in a razor pit as it will last longer. Razor Pit is extremely easy and fast to use. It can also help to sharpen your blades.

3. Keep it away from the shower after cleaning

By keeping your razor blade in the shower, it may end up rusting. I know you usually get lazy after you are done shaving and just throw your razor in the shower for the nest shaving. Well, you need to know that this is not a way of keeping it fresh since water can cause corrosion. Even if it is not in water, just keep it away from shower since humidity can affect its functionality. Just keep it in the bathroom cabinet or in another room.

4. Oil soaking solution

Oil acts as a good barrier between water and your razor and so it prevents it from rusting. There are numerous products that come with mineral oil so that you can rinse, soak, or clean your blade before storing it. This way your razor blade will remain fresh.

5. Pre-shave oil

You can take a small amount of pre-shaving oil that keeps the razor from dragging. Creams and gels are also important. These products have two-fold effect which are preventing the razor from rusting and ingrown hair, as well as ensuring there is less wear and tear on it.

6. Do not use the blade to trim

If you have not shaved for a long time and you have long growth, avoid using your razor first. This is because this eats up its valuable sharpness and dulls the blade quickly. What you need to do is to trim your hair to make it shorter, and then shave.

Find some awesome razor blades that will last with the

Signs that you need to change your razor blades

Razor blades are meant to be safe when you use them to shave and they should not lead to any complications. It is very important to know the right time and how often you should change your razor blades. You do not need to replace the blades each time you want to shave. There are some simple steps that when taken will help your razor to last for long and save you some money. For instance rinsing your blade with hot water and letting it air dry will make it last longer before you can replace it.

Many factors will influence how long your blade will last and this is why there is no set time for you to replace it. For example this will depend on how thick your hair is, how often you will be shaving and the size of the area you will be shaving. A good blade should glide through your skin when you are shaving, if you feel like it is pilling then this is an indication that you should replace it. Dull blades need to be replaced immediately because they could lead to a rash or irritation.

Another indication that you need to replace your blade is the sign of rust. You need to replace your blade immediately you see rust on it. It is also recommended that you replace the blade after an average of five to seven uses. Some blades have indicator strips that are used as a sign that you need to replace it when the strips starts to fade. You need to be comfortable when shaving if the blade is good, if you feel uncomfortable then replace it immediately.

When you have the feeling that the blade is dragging against your skin instead of cutting the hair then this is an indication that you need to do away with it. Another sign that you can use to know when to do the replacement is when you feel more irritated after shaving than usual. This can be very dangerous to your skin and this is why you need to do the replacement immediately. If you avoid this signs and continue using the blade, then you can be ready for complications on your skin. There are many things you can use to determine if you need to replace your blade or not and this depend largely on how well you take care of your blade. You could also consider using a strong durable razor like the ones here.

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Look great shaving

Majority of men love spending money and stocking their cabinets with quality hair and skin care products just to look great. They go as far as buying grooming products, brand clothes, shoes, and perfumes. They spend too much time and energy trying to look fitter and younger when going to work or attending social gatherings such as weddings or any other party. Well, to improve on their appearance, they should know that getting a good shave is very important as they will look great.

1. Choose the best shaving device

As you plan on shaving, you should know that with quality razor-blade, you are likely to get a clean shave. Manual razors are the best since they are quicker and will give you the results that you are looking for. All you need to do is to choose the one with quality disposable cartridges to make fewer cuts.

2. Be decisive

Do you want a wet or dry shave? A dry shave is the quickest, but wet shave is smooth and refreshing. Just make up your minds. You do not have to hang around the bathroom for hours staring at your reflection. That is a girl thing, not for men that shave.

3. Replace disposable razor

You should not wait for disposable cartridges to wear out. You need to know that dull blades are likely to cause you skin irritation, cuts, and poor shaving and most especially if you press too hard on the razor to make up for the dulled blade. You can have a fresh blade every week!

4. Wet the hair

Even though majority of men shave before taking a shower, the best way to get a clean shave is to shave after taking a shower. Alternatively, you can apply water to wet the surface that needs to be shaved. Hot water is a key to achieving a good look after shaving. This is because when the skin is wet, the pores are open and softens the whiskers.

5. Make good use of a shaving cream

Once you make your face wet, it is about time you apply the shaving cream. Rub it thoroughly into the skin. Allow the cream to stay there for a minute to soften your skin further for smooth shave.

6. Avoid shaving against the grain

You should avoid shaving against the grain. What this means is that you should shave in the direction of your hair growth. If you shave in the opposite direction, you might irritate your skin and you can cause ingrown hairs. Make sure you slide the razor-blade over your skin instead of pressing it against your skin.

7. Apply after shave

After shaving, you can now rinse with cold water as this will close your skin pores. Finish by applying moisturiser or an alcohol free after-shave.

With the above tips on how to look great shaving, you will more young and handsome than you really are!

To shave, or not to shave. Your Head?

To shave or not to shave your head is completely your choice. It does not matter if you have receding or thinning hair and want to look cooler, or if you simply want to try out a new style. As long as you are a hundred percent comfortable with the idea, just go for it!

The moment men began to gain interest in the bald head style, companies reacted to the consumers’ needs, and in the last couple of years, many manual head shaving and scalp care products were introduced into the market, giving the bald men lots of alternatives.

When you are first starting out, it may be confusing differentiating the good shaving products from the bad ones. To make your work easier, below are some of the best manual blades available in the market today:

· Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Shaving System: This best-rated razor provides wonderful designs at an affordable cost. It’s very easy to hold and feels great in your hand. Three progressively lined up anti-friction blades and an aloe lubricating strip gives you a very close and comfortable shave.

· Gillette Fusion Manual Razor: This razor has 5 gliding blades and an extra precision trim blade at the back of the cartridge, for the places that are hard to reach.

· Gillette Sensor Excel Shaver: The pivoting head and the twin self-adjusting blades follow the contours of your head, giving you the best shave each time.

In spite of the introduction of the above advanced shaving blades in the market, some people still prefer to use the ordinary straight razors so as to get an old-fashioned close shave. Most of the shaving aficionados will tell you that the one and only way to get a shave that lasts for long without any bumps or cuts is by using a straight razor. Nevertheless, if you don’t have experience in using such a razor, you may find it difficult to get a close and nick-free shave on your first try. With this razor technique, practice makes perfect, and you’ll get better at it with time. Here are some of the guidelines to get a perfect shave by using a straight razor:

· Cut your hair using a pair of scissors to about a half an inch from your scalp.

· Take a hot shower and rub your hair carefully using a shampoo. Rinse your head with warm water, and then towel dry your hair.

· Apply a shaving cream to your scalp. You should consider heating the shaving cream by running the bottle under hot water. You can use a shaving brush or even your fingers to apply the cream in a circular motion.

· Run the straight razor blade across your scalp at a twenty-degree angle. Remember to be careful not to cut your skin, but get the closest shave you can. I like to use Bearded Colonel’s Razor Blades.

· Rinse your head with cold water, and in case you have any cuts, dab the cuts with hydrogen peroxide.

Shaving your head using manual blades is quite easy and you can do it yourself. However, you should consider asking someone to help shave the back of your head for the first few times, as it’s quite easy to nick yourself, even if you are careful, especially if you are using a straight razor blade.

My Dad taught me to shave

Manual shaving has been the original way of shaving. Until recent tears men have been shaving with manual razors. From my own experience my dad taught me to shave with a manual razor. It’s more of ritual Shaving with a manual razor. You can only shave wet, meaning that you have to allocate some time to shaving and you need complementary accessories such as a shaving cream, shaving brush, or gel and a after shave treatment to avoid skin irritation and calm the skin after shaving. I’ve put a list of the type’s manual razors and shaving sets for men so it’s easy for you to make a choice between which one suit you best.

1. The straight razor

Straight razors give a terrific shave but involve a lot of time, skill and maintenance. The blade in a straight razor smartly folds into the handle. Straight razors have the sharpest ends and give the closest of shaves. The price of a straight razor can range from $50 to $200 with some costing to $1,000.

2. The safety razor

Safety razors are preferential to men because of their close, smooth shave without causing ingrown hairs and irritation. The razor blades used in safety razors are generally known as a DE razor blades or double-edge. They can easily last a lifetime. Their prices range from $25 to $150.

3. Cartridge razors

Cartridge razors have a handle made from either metal or plastic that holds a replaceable plastic cartridge. Gillette and Schick have spent millions of dollars in advertising to convince men to use multi-blade cartridge to get a better shave. The cost of the cartridge razors can range from $260 a year for 5 blade cartridge or $130 a year for 3 blade cartridge replacement.


Manual razors offer the closest shave for a longer period of time than other razors.Manual razors are easy to use and often the first shaving gear a man relies on.Equipment and blades and are easy to replace. Manual razors are generally the cheapest and most cost effective option available to men.Manual razors are easy to clean and to travel with.


Takes longer to shave with a manual razor because they require an application of grooming products. The blades of manual razors need to be every 4 to 5 weeks and they dull quickly. Increases your chance of getting nicks, ingrown hairs and cuts because you have over the same area many times to get the closet shave. Manual razors are at times less versatile because they need a wet shave and water for a easy shave.

How to prevent razor burn

Razor burns may happen as a result of improper shaving. Shaving can remove two layers of your skin, which is actually good as it helps in the exfoliation of the skin, but at times, because of an improper shaving technique, shaving may cause a burning sensation of the skin. Razor burns may be caused by one of the following reasons.

– No pre-shaving preparation or little shaving preparation

– Use of an improper shaving cream or insufficient application of shaving cream

– Use of a dull or a bad razor may also result in razor burns

– Wrong shaving technique

– Using a wrong product after saving

Let us look at some of the ways to prevent the problem of Razor burns:

Make sure that the beard is thoroughly wet before shaving- If you feel irritation or razor burn after shaving then you should properly wet your beard. When the beard is thoroughly wet, it absorbs moisture and smoothens the shaving process. A better idea is to take shower before shaving as after shower, the facial hair becomes moist and wet and smoothens shaving.

Shaving Cream – Application of a good shaving cream can help reduce the problem of razor burns. A good shaving cream has lubrication and moisturizing quality, which creates rich, creamy lather and makes the shaving process smooth. The smoother the shaving will be, lesser will be the chances of a shaving burn.

A good shaving brush – It helps in creating a rich creamy lather which smoothens shaving process, resulting in lesser probability of a razor burn.

Using a quality razor (like razor blades from the bearded colonel) – It is very important to prevent razor burns. Change the blades after a few shaves and in case you have a tough beard then you will require to change the shaving blade very frequently. Some use safety razors with a single or multiple blade. Some people like to use multiple-edged razors as they find it smoother and safe. While some people like to use single blade as they find it safer.

Shaving technique – It is very important. It is advisable to use your razor in the direction of the beard growth and not against it. Using short, simple strokes and cleaning the razor with flowing water will keep the blade edge intact. Keep the blade free of hair and rinse it properly so that it is clean.

After shaving – You should clean your face properly with cool water. Use a good after shave lotion. If you still have razor burn problem then you can think of applying a good moisturizer on your face, some lotions may also help. If it is not helping, then probably you should not shave for a few days or a week.

4 tips on how to pick a good shaving brush

Any person who has gone to a barber or those who shave in their house must have shaving accessories. One such important accessory is the shaving brush. The brush is a small item designed with a handle that lies parallel to a bristle. It is ideal for applying shaving soap or shampoo. Apart from the application of shaving soap, the brush is designed beautifully. Many people find problems when buying the brush. Here are some important considerations.

Type available

When you are shopping for a shaving brush, the first thing you need to do is to check on the available types and the hair used. The best are created using badge hair and they are fine. The hair used provides a feeling of luxury. The badger bristles are soft and used by people who have sensitive faces.


The shape of the brush matters a lot when shopping. Though they do the same work, they are available in a different formation to work well with different shaving products available. A bigger distinction is seen in the loft and impact of the form chosen to the lather production. Either, you can choose the fan shaped or the bulb shape lofts.

Hair used

There are different kinds of badger used in manufacturing them. There are those designed using silver tip. It comes with hair from the neck. It is the most luxurious and soft materials. However it is the most expensive.

The super badger design has a finish made of silver and white in color. The finishing material is soft and provides luxury when used.

The Best badger is made from hair taken from animal body comprising of about 25%. The hair used to create is light and long. Another hair design to check is the Pure Badger that comes in black and dark brown.

Handle design

The handle design is an important consideration. Know the knot size that depicts the size of the brush. The manufacturers use wood design or plastic when designing handle and you need to know about this.

How to prepare for a good wet shave

Are you looking for the best preparation methods before shaving? Look no more. Shaving is not a new trend, or a secret its just one of those things you have to do! Most gentlemen don’t know how to prepare for their shaving session, leading to partial shaving or razor burn. Shaving your beard requires some basic things. To start with, a hand or face towel, quality shaving cream, straight or double edged safety razor blades, shaving brushes and hot water. Remember to shave in front of a mirror. Below are some of the best ways to prepare before you start shaving.

  1. Firstly, take a bath or shower before shaving. If not so, take your bowl of hot water and use it to wipe your face and under the chin. The initiative is carried out in order to remove dirt and oil particles that may hinder penetration of the hot water. Dip your hands in the water and apply some to your face.
  2. Secondly, dip the shaving brush into the water then into the cream.Thirdly, smear the shaving cream onto your face adequately all over. This is done in order to remove every particle of dirt. Hot water is recommended since it opens up the pores, softens the hair papilla and stubbles the face surfaces. Lack of these leads to irritation and pulling out hair using the blade as the hair papilla is stiff. This is then followed by dipping the towel in the hot water and cleaning hence wiping your face. Hold the face towel for three to four minutes. This is to soften the hair.
  3. The last process is to take your shaving brush and re-apply the cream. You can now slide the razor or blade smoothly over your face and start shaving. Shave till you are satisfied with your nice clean shave.

Why not try and take a bit of extra time to treat yourself to a good wet shave?  It is so much more enjoyable and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.

5 different types of razor blade

These days many different brands of razors from different parts of the world that have become readily available, I will go through a few of the different types and explain what each one is.

Straight razors

More popularly known as cut throat razors. These types of razors where popular in the 17-1800’s. These razors offer a nice clean shave but they also demand a lot of time to perfect the skill. The blade of the razor goes into the handle, which will be made of different types of material including wood, bone, plastic or metal. Straight razors can be difficult to use, although they provide a sharp edge and a close shave it can cut deep into your skin if you’re not careful. These razors can be bought from anywhere between £50 – £1000. They may be expensive but they will last a lifetime with proper care.

Safety razors

These are liked by many people because of their close shave and lack of irritation. They are called safety razors because only a very small part of the blade is allowed to touch your skin and prevents cutting. The blade in the razor is commonly known as double edged razor and they require a light touch to get a nice clean shave. The prices can range from £15 – £200 depending on the material of the handle (see above).

Multi-blade razors

The most popular type of razor most commonly found in your local pharmacy is a multi-blade safety razor.  These razors are very safe and offer a close shave depending on how many blades they have.  They range from single blades all the way up to 6 or even 8 blades per head.  Large multinational brands sell these types of razors, and it is the type that you would see advertised on TV. They often come with a handle and then you are expected to buy replacement heads or cartridges which will fit onto your handle. Depending on the brand these razors will set you back anywhere from £8 to £25 depending on how many replacements or which brand you are buying from. I personally like using multi-blade safety razors with 5 blades.  The sells a brilliant 5 blade razor which I find ideal. You can find out more about their razor blade subscription here.

Electric razors

The electric razor or rotary razor – Rotary basically means spinning,  is designed to follow the shape of the face, when you move the shaver in a circular movement the hairs fall into the openings and the heads are cut off, so not very useful for a close shave. The rotating motion makes it easier to shave in harder to reach areas. The rotary razor is said to give the best results when you have thick growth or are cutting longer hairs.

Foil razors

The term ‘foil’ is referring to a layer of metal that covers the blade therefore making it gentler on skin. It captures hair in its slots, cutting it closer to the skin, making it a cleaner shave than the rotary. The foil razor will deliver a more precise finish when defining straight edges.

The Electric Shave vs The Wet Shave

Like it or not shaving is a part of being a man, whether it be every day or once every 6 months. Whether you use an electric shaver to maintain your manly face fuzz or a manual hand razor, there are both advantages and disadvantages to both. It all just depends on if you prefer to have a smooth baby face or if you’d rather have a little bit of manly stubble.

Electric Shavers

There are a number of things to consider about an electric shaver. While it may save you money on buying packs or refill razors and cartriges, some are cordless and batteries still cost money. As convenient as the cordless ones are for traveling and quick shaves with no water, having to explain to your boss or girlfriend that a half shaved face is due to dead batteries in your shaver is probably not on your list of things to do.

Another aspect to think about when it comes to electric shavers is how close of a shave are you wanting to achieve. Although they come equipped with adjustable levels of length, it is almost impossible to get a clean and smooth shave with an electric razor.

Manual Wet Shave Razors

When it comes to getting a good, close shave manual razors are the best choice. And thanks to the use of multiple blades they also help exfoliate your skin. Unlike the electric razors, you have to use at least water or something with a normal razor but luckily that helps keep you from pulling out painful hairs instead of cutting off like you should.

Manual razors also offer the convenience of easy to grab and use real fast in the shower. Although having to continuously buy new razors or new refills will eventually equal and exceed what you would have paid for an electric razor, not to mention the cost of lotion to prevent the razors burn from occurring.  This however is a fair price to pay especially for the pleasant experience of a good close shave.  Some argue that an electric shaver is much faster than a wet manual shave, however given that you learn to master the art of shaving there is no comparison. A wet shave can be just a fast you just need to know how to do it well. If you enjoy using a wet manual razor there are plenty of ways that you can save on your shaving expenses.

Why Are Gillette Blades So Expensive?

If you are a faithful shaver, you may have taken notice of the prices that changed. If you are using a generic razor or shaving device, you know that they are not as expensive as the name brand razors and other shaving devices. You could pay anywhere from £1 to £30 or more for a shaving device or kit. So how about Gillette? Why are they so expensive? Needless to say, Gillette is not a generic branded company that produces generic products. Gillette is a popular brand name that has razors, shaving devices, and other products, such as shaving cream. Just go to your local store and see how much a 4 pack of Gillette Fusion Blades will cost you!

Why So Expensive?

Many people shave on a daily basis, and go on with their errands and doing other things. Have you ever thought that shaving was science? There are many different scholarly and trained people whose job it is to sit and watch people shave! It may sound strange, and a little too good to be true, but it is the expert’s job to figure out which razors work best for the current situation. You can’t imagine how much these experts are paid!

Your Contribution

Believe it or not, you contribute a great deal in this situation. Depending on how much you shave, you could save money. If you have to shave occasionally, a £15 – £25 razor or other shaving device may not hit your wallet as hard as a person who has to shaves everyday maybe even more than once. When you purchase your next razor, look at the characteristics that it has and who the ideal candidate for the razor is. If you would like a close shave, purchase a razor that offers that. If you want to trim things up and keep it nice and neat, find a razor that offers those benefits. Only purchase what you need! You can save a lot of money by doing so. Another way to save money is to subscribe and get your razor blades in regular intervals.  By subscribing you are not only finding a great deal, you can also avoid the big brand names, who don’t only charge you for their product but you are also paying for their marketing budget.  So think about that the next time you are in the supermarket of pharmacy buying razor blades.  You could have a look around, there are more brands than what you see in front of you. I personally like subscription options as it means I’m saving money but also the time and hassle of going to buy my razor blades. Why not save both time and money and get your blades from

Dollar Shave Club UK

That video was pretty cool right? Unfortunately if you live in the UK, you can’t sign up, maybe at some point in the future. For now though, I have found They don’t have the same selection that Dollar Shave Club has (only one option, a 5 bladed razor), but lets be honest, no one is buying the 2 bladed option that they sell for a dollar (plus S&H).

Since I’m in the UK, I thought I would look into it for you guys; I spoke with one of the co-founders. The blades are made in Germany, and they claim that they are better quality than Dollar Shave Club’s who make theirs in South Korea. And their German manufacturer has engineered a new and better way to cut the blades (of course the Germans would). There was a lot a science and I didn’t catch it all, but what I understood was this: each blade has the same shape as a barber’s straight razor; you’re essentially using 5 tiny cutthroat razors. The result is a sharper and more durable blade, so you get a smoother shave and the blades last longer.

I just got my first delivery yesterday, and I have to say, it is a really nice shave! Apparently it took a lot of technical know how and precision to shrink down a barber’s straight razor to the scale of a safety razor, but again, Germans.


Subscribe and save, a tip from James

I have a meeting at 9am and I have to hurry. The alarm clock didn’t sound and I woke up at 7:30. With rush hour traffic, I need to hurry, and when I look in the mirror, I realize I need to shave. Why can’t I have a hairless face? Where is a razor? I know I bought some. I start thinking, and I realize it was a few weeks back when I bought those razors. What will I do? I don’t have time to run to the store and get razors. Maybe James next door has some razors. Running out the front door in my bathrobe, I notice Mrs Jenkins across the street shaking her head as I leap over the hedge separating my house with James’. James took his time answering the door, but he did have razors. He had a lot of razors. Before I left with one James exclaimed, “You need to subscribe, save, and shave.” I looked at James with what must have been a questionable look. He led me to his computer screen and showed me the website where I could subscribe, save, and shave. He explained how he just signed up and he has razors and other shaving equipment at a fraction of the cost he pays at the stores. “That is why I am always clean shaven,” James said rubbing his chin.

I made it to work with a clean shaven face. The razor was so sharp and good that I shaved faster than normal. Janie, the beautiful secretary gave me the nicest compliment on my clean shaven face. I smiled and thought, I do have to subscribe, save, and shave. At our lunch break that day, I used my smartphone and visited the website James told me about. I subscribed, and now I am saving and shaving, plus I have a date with Janie on Friday night. There is a razor subscription in the UK from The Bearded Colonel go and check them out!

Job well done, Thanks James!

How to get a better, closer shave.

Learning and practicing the art of shaving can turn your daily shaving experience into something enjoyable instead of something that is at the worst painful and at the best mundane. Knowing how to properly shave can help you avoid razor burn, nicks, cuts, and uneven results. Shaving can literally be a pain if you do not do it correctly. Shaving the right way may take a little more time and might require a bit more effort, but the results will make the difference.

Beginning with the Tools

You need to begin with the right tools if you are going to learn how to shave properly. For a proper shaving routine, you will need a quality razor, a shaving brush, and shaving soap or shaving cream. Pre-shave oil and aftershave are also recommended products. There are many different razors out there for you to choose from. There are cheap disposable razors, cartridge razors, a variety of safety razors, and straight-edged razors. The safest option is to go for a razor in the middle of these categories. Look for a safety razor with replaceable blades if you want a good shave, but are not a shaving aficionado. A shaving brush is important. You can get very cheap synthetic brushes or go for the most expensive badger brushes. Again, it might be wise to choose something more in the middle. A real badger brush will work better than any of its synthetic counterparts, but even badger brushes vary widely in price and quality. Choose a shaving soap or shaving cream, and avoid those products that come in an aluminum can.

Steps to Shaving Properly

Follow a routine when you shave, and try not to think about how fast you can be done with it. Take your time and learn how to get a better closer shave. First, prepare your face with moist heat. This might mean taking a hot shower or wrapping hot towels around your face. After a minute or two, you can apply pre-shave oil if you would like, and then apply an even layer of lather with your shaving brush. Work the lather onto your face in circles. You want to get the lather between each hair and down to the skin so that it can open up your pores. When you start shaving, be sure to shave with the grain first. After, you can shave across or against the grain to get a closer shave. Take your time and you will get a much better shave. Applying aftershave can help prevent infection in the open pores. Once you get the art of shaving down, you will know the extra time is worth it.

How To Shave Your Beard Without The Nicks and Cuts

Shaving seems to be an easy task, however, your need some skill and a lot of practice in order to be perfect. This is not a big concern for individuals who have fewer beard, but for bearded men, it is something to look forward to each and every week. When shaving, your need to cut your beard not your face, here are some key factors to consider before getting rid of your beard or mustache.


Choosing a razor

There are two types of razor that are normally used for shaving, the electric razor, and the wet razor. For people with sensitive skin, it is advisable that they use wet razor blades. They are easy to manage when it comes to pressure and direction. In case you want to use an electric razor, you need to look for the latest models that can be used with shaving creams.


Shaving creams

There are two types of shaving creams, the alcohol and the non-alcohol based. Alcohol based creams are not suitable to use since they can leave your skin dry. You need to go for natural traditional shaving creams that don’t contain alcohol. If you skin is sensitive you should look for a cream that is particularly made for sensitive skins.


How to prepare your skin

It is important you prepare your skin for shaving by opening the pores and softening the hair. You can do this by taking a clean piece of cloth and damp it in warm water. Then, apply it gently on the area where you want to shave for some minutes. It is good idea to shave in the shower since it helps soften your skin.


Shaving Direction

Ensure to shave in the direction in which your hair grows. There is a greater chance of cutting yourself or creating bumps on your face when shaving against the hair. Therefore, when shaving your check or somebody else, shave with a downward (descending) direction, when you are shaving near neck to the area under the cheek, shave upwards.


Maintain your razor blades

It is important to take care of your razor for the purpose of avoiding cuts. Shaving razor has a life span, and if you ignore, it might get dull hence causing cuts and wounds in your skin. You can extend the life span of your shaving razor by cleaning it regularly by use of alcohol.


Always take your time when shaving your beard, as rushing generally results in an uneven finish. You should grasp the trimmer gently and allow it to flow over your natural face contours.

12 Reasons Long Beards Are Not Cool

What are you waiting for? Get some great razor blades and shave that beard!

A beard can be defined as the hair on a man’s cheeks, chin and throat. Beards are of different lengths and shapes however,long beards are not cool because of the following reasons:

  1. Long beards look unhygienic especially when you are eating and you may lose the perception of food that is hanging off your face. It is therefore possible that as you eat, you may not realize that food particles will have been left on the beard. This will make you look careless.
  2. Having a long beard makes you less attractive to women because most women prefer clean shaven men.
  3. Beards have a way of making you look like you are from the forest and as a result of this,small children will not trust you and will try to avoid you. Grownups will also try to avoid you and ignore you. The reason that this happens is because when you have a beard, it becomes very hard to read your facial expressions and any facial expression may be misunderstood. People usually prefer communicating with someone with visible facial expressions.
  4. As a result of the long beard you will feel an extreme urge to scratch, because of the itchiness that comes with the beard.
  5. Long beards have the tendency to make you look older than you really are.
  6. Most employers discourage long beards in the workplace because they do not look professional and serious.
  7. You can be mistaken for a criminal and appear less generous, and less caring. This will make people want to avoid you.
  8. The long beard can sometimes result in diseases like scabies and ringworms. Bacterial infections can also occur and can be difficult to detect and treat due to the beard covering.
  9. Maintaining a beard can be expensive because of the amount of time spent on grooming the beard and the various hair creams that are used.
  10. The extra hair will add weight to your body, not to mention that when it is hot, you will tend to sweat more where the beard is. There will therefore be a possibility of acne developing because during the hot season, there is sebum which is concentrated in the skin pores under the beard and this together with sweat,causes acne.
  11. The long beard may even mess with your vision whenever you want to look straight down.
  12. A clean shaven face gives you a more polished and clean look

In conclusion and going by the above reasons,long beards are not cool.

Shaving Cream, Gel, and Foam: What’s the difference?

It is natural that at some point in life one gets to grow air on his or her body. For instance, grown men grow beards every day and eventually they become long and need to be shaved. Shaving is a very complicated process since it’s done on one’s body and can cause harm if not done with caution. Nevertheless, shaving may involve the use of special shaving machines like razors or electronic shaving machines. But, one can’t do the shaving without using some shaving variants, these variants prevent the stubble from dying out. They also help in easing the process of shaving by providing a cushion between the razor and the skin. Some of the most used shaving variants involve;

  •  Shaving cream
  •  Shaving soaps
  •  Shaving gel
  •  Foam

Though all these shaving variants do the same work in helping in the shaving process, they are different from each other. First it involve the appearance of the products when applied for instance when shaving beards. Another thing that makes these products difference from each other is the end results after using them. We are going to see how each product is different from the others;

First let’s start with Foams. Generally foams are cheap, easy to use and are more convenient as compared to the other shaving variants. The foams too tend to dry the skin more than the shaving creams, gel and soaps and because of this; they are not good if one already has a sensitive skin.

Talking about shaving creams, they provide the most lubricating and the richest cushion’ for the skin. Most of these shaving creams are glycerine-based. This reduces the chances of the cream drying one’s skin thanks to their moisturizing properties.

Shaving gels are different from shaving creams, soaps and foam in some way. For instance, a small amount of shaving gel is needed in a place of a large quantity of shaving cream. Unlike the cream, gel foams easily when gently agitated in the hand. Gel also provides more lubrication, and transparent gels are more useful to people who have facial hair and need to see where he or she is going with the razor.

Shaving soaps offers a stable and rich lather against the skin, but, to the beginners this may seem hard to leather the shaving soap before shaving. The lathering techniques vary from soap to soap and it’s up to the shaver to experiment on all of them to get the right lather. Shaving soaps give the best after-results when shaving brushes are involved.

The Art of Shaving | How to Shave Your Head

Shaving your head is a classy and sharp approach to curtail every day grooming routines such as styling, conditioning and shampooing. It’s an alluring option for balding people or those who simply need to add an edge to their look. Figure out how to set up your head for shaving, shave it clean and keep up your shaved look.

Whatever the explanations behind shaving everything off, here are few tips on how to get that great head shave and maintaining it.The three steps beneath will get you the best results conceivable.

Step 1: Preparing for the shave

The ideal time to go about this process is immediately after a warm bath or shower which relaxes the hair, opens the pores and cleans the skin. When in shower ,use a soapy wash fabric with gentle pressure against the grain growth to prop up hair for an easy shave. Then apply a shaving cream and let it stand for a couple of minutes to soften the hair some more. Avoid products or gels with menthol, which will desensitize the skin and close the pores. The preparation is important for a great shave.

Step 2: Shaving Your Head

A hand held mirror is handy to have nearby to have a look at all your angles as you work and not miss anything. Additionally, shave in a room with good light. Use a sharp, clean razor. Preferably three-blade razor as they work best and begin by shaving along the grain .This will lessen irritation, ingrown hairs and cuts. Avoid applying pressure as you gently glide the razor from front to back and down the sides. Wash the razor with water after every stroke to rid it of the hairs.
After finishing, with the help of little foam in your hands, rub your whole head, checking for spots that require a re-shaving. Pay attention to the region behind the neck as well as the ears. After the shave, splash cool some water to close up the pores.

Step 3: Maintaining Your Shaved Look

In the wake of shaving, using a soft cloth dry the head gently .Then apply an aftershave balm. Avoid any products that have alcohol contents since they will bring about dryness in skin. The correct aftershave balms will moisturize and promote faster healing. Remember and apply some sunscreen before you step out to avoid burning.

If you would like to maintain a clean-shaven look, it’s advisable done weekly and shaving with fresh razor blades is best for new hair. The process gets faster and faster with time as compared to the initial shaves.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Body Hair

Hair trends like every other fashion trend keep changing with each season and it sometimes get hard to keep up. The metrosexual movement has made it more acceptable for men to go hairless but there are still a few things to take note of before getting out the clippers or razor. First of all, using the right products and techniques as well as aftercare will ensure that there are no nasty side effects like razor burns, nicks, cuts and rashes.

It has been noted in a lot of studies and reports that women prefer hairless men and it may very well be possible that your girlfriend will love you more if you shave. For facial hair, wet the beard thoroughly to prevent irritation when shaving. Invest in a quality shaving cream that creates a creamy lather instead of foaming up and use a razor of good quality that is sharp changing the blades after about three shaves. Shave in the direction the hair is growing to get better results and to prevent ingrown hairs. After shaving, cleanse and soothe the area, rinse with cool water and then apply after shave preferably one with moisturizer.

Other dos include trimming armpit hair not only for aesthetic purposes but hygienic ones as well. Shaving them bare however may create a less masculine look unless that is something that is required by your profession or your partner like the look better. Chest hair should be groomed although completely removing it may not be necessary as a lot of women do actually like seeing a bit of hair on a man’s chest. Back hair is one of the most unsightly things on a man’s body according to a lot of women out there. This is the one part of the body that a man is allowed and even encouraged to keep completely hair-free. That said, Brazilians for men are not recommended not unless it is meant to change things up or keep things interesting. Constantly going bare can paint a man as vain and self-obsessed or sex-obsessed which either way does not look good.

The jury is still out on men who shave their legs with supporters and opposing teams for it. There are men who have to shave their legs and bodies for their careers like Michael Phelps, body builders and male models but on average men, the factions are split. Depending on the physique of the man, how hairy he is and choice of fashion, shaving of legs can be a plus or turn-off.

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Why Cavemen Kept Beards And Why You Should Not

Cavemen the very early ancestors of human beings lived in caves- just as the name suggests. Take a tour of some parts of Eastern and Southern Africa and you will get a glimpse of the kind of real estate in question here. On top of that they had a really interesting sense of fashion which by the standards of today would cause several heads to turn and not for good reasons. Keeping hair long and tying it into a muddy pony tail was the in-thing among the women folk and for the men a bushy beard was way to go.

Why cavemen kept beards

Admittedly facial hair can have a strong effect on the general look of a person. However, it all depends on how well it is kept.

The cavemen kept beards for several reasons:

  • it was the fashion trend of the day
  • razors came in short supply
  • most time was spent hunting and not grooming
  • it must have been considered a sign of masculinity or authority

These are all reasons that would have applied several centuries ago. A forest of facial hair is not considered to be a trending fashion style. There only a few men who are able to rock a beard and look good. However even then, a shaving razor is frequently used to keep it trim and good looking.

As aforementioned cavemen did not really have a huge choice. Asked to choose between shaving with a bone and keeping a beard you would also go for the bushy beard. Technology has made shaving so easy. Now you can easily access high quality razors at great prices. Shaving foam is easy to find and you will not have to pay half the national debt in order to afford it. In simpler terms you have no excuse for having an unkempt beard.

Why you should not keep a beard

Global warming has made it difficult to live in this world. During summer, when temperatures are scorching a bear will not sound like such a good idea. The heat and moisture from your sweat will keep you scratching your face- a situation that is really bad for you skin.

Secondly, if you keep a beard, you will have to spend several minutes in front of a mirror to groom yourself. There is some slight shaving that will be required every now and then to keep it looking trim. The cheek line has to be maintained and the length of the beard regulated. Shaving is therefore very good for you and if the cavemen had a choice, they would also have trimmed their bushy beards and brows.

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