Look Sharp. Feel Good.

12 Tips For Men To Look Sharp And Feel Good

Men who look good tend to feel better, have more self-confidence, and others respond more positively to them. If you need a boost in making sales, getting dates, or just feeling a little better, consider stepping up your self-care routine. For many men, it doesn’t take much to look their best. A good hair cut

09 Jun 2017

Dollar Shave Club UK

That video was pretty cool right? Unfortunately if you live in the UK, you can’t sign up, maybe at some point in the future. For now though, I have found www.beardedcolonel.co.uk. They don’t have the same selection that Dollar Shave Club has (only one option, a 5 bladed razor), but lets be honest, no one

07 Jun 2017

Subscribe and save, a tip from James

I have a meeting at 9am and I have to hurry. The alarm clock didn’t sound and I woke up at 7:30. With rush hour traffic, I need to hurry, and when I look in the mirror, I realize I need to shave. Why can’t I have a hairless face? Where is a razor? I

05 Jun 2017

How to get a better, closer shave.

Learning and practicing the art of shaving can turn your daily shaving experience into something enjoyable instead of something that is at the worst painful and at the best mundane. Knowing how to properly shave can help you avoid razor burn, nicks, cuts, and uneven results. Shaving can literally be a pain if you do

04 Jun 2017
razor blade

How To Shave Your Beard Without The Nicks and Cuts

Shaving seems to be an easy task, however, your need some skill and a lot of practice in order to be perfect. This is not a big concern for individuals who have fewer beard, but for bearded men, it is something to look forward to each and every week. When shaving, your need to cut

03 Jun 2017
beards are not cool

12 Reasons Long Beards Are Not Cool

What are you waiting for? Get some great razor blades and shave that beard! A beard can be defined as the hair on a man’s cheeks, chin and throat. Beards are of different lengths and shapes however,long beards are not cool because of the following reasons: Long beards look unhygienic especially when you are eating

02 Jun 2017
shaving foam

Shaving Cream, Gel, and Foam: What’s the difference?

It is natural that at some point in life one gets to grow air on his or her body. For instance, grown men grow beards every day and eventually they become long and need to be shaved. Shaving is a very complicated process since it’s done on one’s body and can cause harm if not

01 Jun 2017
fresh blade head

The Art of Shaving | How to Shave Your Head

Shaving your head is a classy and sharp approach to curtail every day grooming routines such as styling, conditioning and shampooing. It’s an alluring option for balding people or those who simply need to add an edge to their look. Figure out how to set up your head for shaving, shave it clean and keep

31 May 2017

The Dos And Don’ts Of Body Hair

Hair trends like every other fashion trend keep changing with each season and it sometimes get hard to keep up. The metrosexual movement has made it more acceptable for men to go hairless but there are still a few things to take note of before getting out the clippers or razor. First of all, using

30 May 2017

Why Cavemen Kept Beards And Why You Should Not

Cavemen the very early ancestors of human beings lived in caves- just as the name suggests. Take a tour of some parts of Eastern and Southern Africa and you will get a glimpse of the kind of real estate in question here. On top of that they had a really interesting sense of fashion which

29 May 2017

Transformation Of A 3 Day Stubble From Being A Seasonal Trend To A Full Blown Men’s Fashion Statement

The days of women getting attracted to a clean shaven man are well gone by as the characteristics of a well groomed man has undergone a rapid make over in the last few years. One such fashion statement that is sweeping the women of their feet is the 3 day stubble look. The popularity of

28 May 2017

Shaving Techniques That Bodybuilders Use To Look More Toned

Have you ever wondered why professional bodybuilders don’t have hair on their bodies? Well, most of them tone down excess body hair by using special shaving procedures. All contestants are required to have smooth bodies before going on-stage. Those with coarse and bushy skin may not be allowed to present themselves before judges. There are

27 May 2017

6 ways to keep your razor blades fresh

Buying razor blades every now and then can be very expensive. If you fail to keep them appropriately, they may end up rusting and becoming dull, making razor blades unfit for a clean shave. Below are tips on how to keep your razor blades sharp and fresh. 1. Keep it clean This may sound funny

25 May 2017

Signs that you need to change your razor blades

Razor blades are meant to be safe when you use them to shave and they should not lead to any complications. It is very important to know the right time and how often you should change your razor blades. You do not need to replace the blades each time you want to shave. There are

24 May 2017

Look great shaving

Majority of men love spending money and stocking their cabinets with quality hair and skin care products just to look great. They go as far as buying grooming products, brand clothes, shoes, and perfumes. They spend too much time and energy trying to look fitter and younger when going to work or attending social gatherings

23 May 2017

To shave, or not to shave. Your Head?

To shave or not to shave your head is completely your choice. It does not matter if you have receding or thinning hair and want to look cooler, or if you simply want to try out a new style. As long as you are a hundred percent comfortable with the idea, just go for it!

22 May 2017

My Dad taught me to shave

Manual shaving has been the original way of shaving. Until recent tears men have been shaving with manual razors. From my own experience my dad taught me to shave with a manual razor. It’s more of ritual Shaving with a manual razor. You can only shave wet, meaning that you have to allocate some time

21 May 2017

How to prevent razor burn

Razor burns may happen as a result of improper shaving. Shaving can remove two layers of your skin, which is actually good as it helps in the exfoliation of the skin, but at times, because of an improper shaving technique, shaving may cause a burning sensation of the skin. Razor burns may be caused by

20 May 2017

4 tips on how to pick a good shaving brush

Any person who has gone to a barber or those who shave in their house must have shaving accessories. One such important accessory is the shaving brush. The brush is a small item designed with a handle that lies parallel to a bristle. It is ideal for applying shaving soap or shampoo. Apart from the

19 May 2017

How to prepare for a good wet shave

Are you looking for the best preparation methods before shaving? Look no more. Shaving is not a new trend, or a secret its just one of those things you have to do! Most gentlemen don’t know how to prepare for their shaving session, leading to partial shaving or razor burn. Shaving your beard requires some

18 May 2017

5 different types of razor blade

These days many different brands of razors from different parts of the world that have become readily available, I will go through a few of the different types and explain what each one is. Straight razors More popularly known as cut throat razors. These types of razors where popular in the 17-1800’s. These razors offer

17 May 2017

Why Everybody Is Talking About Men Hairstyles…The Simple Truth Revealed

Men Hairstyles at a Glance There is a variety of techniques to get fresh hairstyles. However, you may not have their hair type, it’s still possible to receive a new hairstyle. Sporting trendy and sophisticated hairstyles isn’t just limited to women. Well, finding the ideal hairstyle is not actually a Herculean undertaking. Layered hairstyles are

17 May 2017

The Electric Shave vs The Wet Shave

Like it or not shaving is a part of being a man, whether it be every day or once every 6 months. Whether you use an electric shaver to maintain your manly face fuzz or a manual hand razor, there are both advantages and disadvantages to both. It all just depends on if you prefer

16 May 2017

Why Are Gillette Blades So Expensive?

If you are a faithful shaver, you may have taken notice of the prices that changed. If you are using a generic razor or shaving device, you know that they are not as expensive as the name brand razors and other shaving devices. You could pay anywhere from £1 to £30 or more for a

15 May 2017
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