beards are not cool

12 Reasons Long Beards Are Not Cool

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A beard can be defined as the hair on a man’s cheeks, chin and throat. Beards are of different lengths and shapes however,long beards are not cool because of the following reasons:

  1. Long beards look unhygienic especially when you are eating and you may lose the perception of food that is hanging off your face. It is therefore possible that as you eat, you may not realize that food particles will have been left on the beard. This will make you look careless.
  2. Having a long beard makes you less attractive to women because most women prefer clean shaven men.
  3. Beards have a way of making you look like you are from the forest and as a result of this,small children will not trust you and will try to avoid you. Grownups will also try to avoid you and ignore you. The reason that this happens is because when you have a beard, it becomes very hard to read your facial expressions and any facial expression may be misunderstood. People usually prefer communicating with someone with visible facial expressions.
  4. As a result of the long beard you will feel an extreme urge to scratch, because of the itchiness that comes with the beard.
  5. Long beards have the tendency to make you look older than you really are.
  6. Most employers discourage long beards in the workplace because they do not look professional and serious.
  7. You can be mistaken for a criminal and appear less generous, and less caring. This will make people want to avoid you.
  8. The long beard can sometimes result in diseases like scabies and ringworms. Bacterial infections can also occur and can be difficult to detect and treat due to the beard covering.
  9. Maintaining a beard can be expensive because of the amount of time spent on grooming the beard and the various hair creams that are used.
  10. The extra hair will add weight to your body, not to mention that when it is hot, you will tend to sweat more where the beard is. There will therefore be a possibility of acne developing because during the hot season, there is sebum which is concentrated in the skin pores under the beard and this together with sweat,causes acne.
  11. The long beard may even mess with your vision whenever you want to look straight down.
  12. A clean shaven face gives you a more polished and clean look
In conclusion and going by the above reasons,long beards are not cool.
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