12 Tips For Men To Look Sharp And Feel Good

Men who look good tend to feel better, have more self-confidence, and others respond more positively to them. If you need a boost in making sales, getting dates, or just feeling a little better, consider stepping up your self-care routine. For many men, it doesn’t take much to look their best. A good hair cut and a good shave goes a long way. The occasional extras – like nose and ear hair trimming, eyebrow pruning, and skin moisturizing – are great extra steps that you can address as needed. Although you might not have ever considered going into one of those “salons” with all the smelly chemicals and gorgeous women, more and more men are comfortable getting their grooming needs taken care of at such establishments. Plus – there are lots of beautiful women there, so you can enjoy the view while you’re at it. The biggest part of your grooming routine that you will-will desire to look after at home is shaving. Most men like to shave every day, but some men like the look of a little “stubble” and you can get special men’s shavers that leave a little grizzle on your chin so you can have an infinite day-old beard. What’s repulsive is lots of hair on your neck and throat, so take care that you trim those areas constantly as part of your haircut routine. If you like a close shave, you may never get closer than with a razor, but many men favor the comfort of a shaver, like Norelco’s men’s shaver. The Norelco shaver has three heads that painlessly cut your hair – they can get shot long scraggly hairs as well as your beard from yesterday. The cordless Norelco is easy to use at work or in the vehicle, and you don’t wish to use shaving cream to get the task finished. When you are done, you can just rinse the entire in the sink. It’s a shave, but for many men, the comfort and convenience compensate for that nicely. Now, the first time you tweeze out any eyebrow hair – it’ll sting like the dickens. Your eyes may even water – but you will not cry because you are a man! Just think – “If my wife can do this, so can I!” Your eyebrows are so close to your eyes that they are seen every day and are an important part of your facial expression, so take care they look good! Finally – nose and ear hair. When unsure, less is more. The hairs should stay INSIDE your nose and ears. If hair is growing out your nostrils, or down your earlobes, shed it. There are a Norelco nose and ear hair trimmer which will do the job nicely. Although it might not be something your Dad ever passed on to you, good grooming is part of dressing for success. Just like a good shave, a pressed shirt, and polished shoes – taking care of your skin, your hair, and your hairs are all part of good grooming. Use these tips to freshen up your appearance, and you’ll notice the difference the next time you’re face to face with someone important. Here is the list of easy, 12 tips for men to look sharp and feel good. They are adjustable and useful fashion tips that will help men for a perfect fashion guide 1.Make sure that when you wear a shirt, it touches your body without you squeezing it. Be it a shirt, blazers, sports jackets or so on don’t wear it too tight or too loose. 2.Remember that never button the last button of your jacket, except if you are wearing a one-button jacket only. 3.Men’s take a note of this keep one finger rule for your collars. 4.If you are wearing a dress shirt which is very long, make sure you tuck it in properly. 5.Keep a note that you do not bounce your shirt’s cuffs more than half inches. 6.Refrain from wearing loose pants as this can make you look short. 7.If you don’t want to look outdated, don’t wear pants which have more than one fold at the base. 8.Make sure that you equal your belt with your shoes, except if you are leaving for casual attire. 9.If you are wearing a tie, it should touch the border of your belt and should not go to extreme higher or lower. 10. Steal the show and make a move as a conversation beginner by wearing bow-ties. 11.There are certain colors which are in the latest fashion. These colors are black, white, off-white, dark blue, gray, khaki, etc. they are known as neutrals. 12.Whenever you want a classy and fine color scheme you must wear colors that fall close to each other on the color spectrum which is green and purple, red and orange, blue and purple; all these colors will make a great systematic fusion. This important fashion tips for men will not only set them aloof from the masses but also make them look more bright and elegant. When you look good you feel good that’s the outcome. So these fashion tips style will give you a complete makeover.


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