4 tips on how to pick a good shaving brush

Any person who has gone to a barber or those who shave in their house must have shaving accessories. One such important accessory is the shaving brush. The brush is a small item designed with a handle that lies parallel to a bristle. It is ideal for applying shaving soap or shampoo. Apart from the application of shaving soap, the brush is designed beautifully. Many people find problems when buying the brush. Here are some important considerations.

Type available

When you are shopping for a shaving brush, the first thing you need to do is to check on the available types and the hair used. The best are created using badge hair and they are fine. The hair used provides a feeling of luxury. The badger bristles are soft and used by people who have sensitive faces.


The shape of the brush matters a lot when shopping. Though they do the same work, they are available in a different formation to work well with different shaving products available. A bigger distinction is seen in the loft and impact of the form chosen to the lather production. Either, you can choose the fan shaped or the bulb shape lofts.

Hair used

There are different kinds of badger used in manufacturing them. There are those designed using silver tip. It comes with hair from the neck. It is the most luxurious and soft materials. However it is the most expensive. The super badger design has a finish made of silver and white in color. The finishing material is soft and provides luxury when used. The Best badger is made from hair taken from animal body comprising of about 25%. The hair used to create is light and long. Another hair design to check is the Pure Badger that comes in black and dark brown.

Handle design

The handle design is an important consideration. Know the knot size that depicts the size of the brush. The manufacturers use wood design or plastic when designing handle and you need to know about this.

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