5 different types of razor blade

These days many different brands of razors from different parts of the world that have become readily available, I will go through a few of the different types and explain what each one is.

Straight razors

More popularly known as cut throat razors. These types of razors where popular in the 17-1800’s. These razors offer a nice clean shave but they also demand a lot of time to perfect the skill. The blade of the razor goes into the handle, which will be made of different types of material including wood, bone, plastic or metal. Straight razors can be difficult to use, although they provide a sharp edge and a close shave it can cut deep into your skin if you’re not careful. These razors can be bought from anywhere between £50 – £1000. They may be expensive but they will last a lifetime with proper care.

Safety razors

These are liked by many people because of their close shave and lack of irritation. They are called safety razors because only a very small part of the blade is allowed to touch your skin and prevents cutting. The blade in the razor is commonly known as double edged razor and they require a light touch to get a nice clean shave. The prices can range from £15 – £200 depending on the material of the handle (see above).

Multi-blade razors

The most popular type of razor most commonly found in your local pharmacy is a multi-blade safety razor.  These razors are very safe and offer a close shave depending on how many blades they have.  They range from single blades all the way up to 6 or even 8 blades per head.  Large multinational brands sell these types of razors, and it is the type that you would see advertised on TV. They often come with a handle and then you are expected to buy replacement heads or cartridges which will fit onto your handle. Depending on the brand these razors will set you back anywhere from £8 to £25 depending on how many replacements or which brand you are buying from. I personally like using multi-blade safety razors with 5 blades.  The BeardedColonel.co.uk sells a brilliant 5 blade razor which I find ideal. You can find out more about their razor blade subscription here.

Electric razors

The electric razor or rotary razor – Rotary basically means spinning,  is designed to follow the shape of the face, when you move the shaver in a circular movement the hairs fall into the openings and the heads are cut off, so not very useful for a close shave. The rotating motion makes it easier to shave in harder to reach areas. The rotary razor is said to give the best results when you have thick growth or are cutting longer hairs.

Foil razors

The term ‘foil’ is referring to a layer of metal that covers the blade therefore making it gentler on skin. It captures hair in its slots, cutting it closer to the skin, making it a cleaner shave than the rotary. The foil razor will deliver a more precise finish when defining straight edges.

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