6 ways to keep your razor blades fresh

Buying razor blades every now and then can be very expensive. If you fail to keep them appropriately, they may end up rusting and becoming dull, making razor blades unfit for a clean shave. Below are tips on how to keep your razor blades sharp and fresh.

1. Keep it clean

This may sound funny because most people are used to shaving and then just rinse the razor blade and keep it away. A quick after shave rinse does not remove all the dirt and corrosive culprits that may dull your razor like gel or shaving cream. By shaving, you also keep dead skin cells that tend to stay on the blade causing bacteria. Not only do these bacteria break down your blade but will also cause razor burn and ingrown hair.

After every shave, you should:

· Rinse your razor blade thoroughly on both sides and shake the excess water

· Clean with alcohol wipe

· Dry the razor using a soft cloth

2. Use razor pit

To effectively keep your razor blade fresh and clean, keep it in a razor pit as it will last longer. Razor Pit is extremely easy and fast to use. It can also help to sharpen your blades.

3. Keep it away from the shower after cleaning

By keeping your razor blade in the shower, it may end up rusting. I know you usually get lazy after you are done shaving and just throw your razor in the shower for the nest shaving. Well, you need to know that this is not a way of keeping it fresh since water can cause corrosion. Even if it is not in water, just keep it away from shower since humidity can affect its functionality. Just keep it in the bathroom cabinet or in another room.

4. Oil soaking solution

Oil acts as a good barrier between water and your razor and so it prevents it from rusting. There are numerous products that come with mineral oil so that you can rinse, soak, or clean your blade before storing it. This way your razor blade will remain fresh.

5. Pre-shave oil

You can take a small amount of pre-shaving oil that keeps the razor from dragging. Creams and gels are also important. These products have two-fold effect which are preventing the razor from rusting and ingrown hair, as well as ensuring there is less wear and tear on it.

6. Do not use the blade to trim

If you have not shaved for a long time and you have long growth, avoid using your razor first. This is because this eats up its valuable sharpness and dulls the blade quickly. What you need to do is to trim your hair to make it shorter, and then shave.

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