Why Cavemen Kept Beards And Why You Should Not

Cavemen the very early ancestors of human beings lived in caves- just as the name suggests. Take a tour of some parts of Eastern and Southern Africa and you will get a glimpse of the kind of real estate in question here. On top of that they had a really interesting sense of fashion which by the standards of today would cause several heads to turn and not for good reasons. Keeping hair long and tying it into a muddy pony tail was the in-thing among the women folk and for the men a bushy beard was way to go.

Why cavemen kept beards

Admittedly facial hair can have a strong effect on the general look of a person. However, it all depends on how well it is kept.

The cavemen kept beards for several reasons:

  • it was the fashion trend of the day
  • razors came in short supply
  • most time was spent hunting and not grooming
  • it must have been considered a sign of masculinity or authority

These are all reasons that would have applied several centuries ago. A forest of facial hair is not considered to be a trending fashion style. There only a few men who are able to rock a beard and look good. However even then, a shaving razor is frequently used to keep it trim and good looking.

As aforementioned cavemen did not really have a huge choice. Asked to choose between shaving with a bone and keeping a beard you would also go for the bushy beard. Technology has made shaving so easy. Now you can easily access high quality razors at great prices. Shaving foam is easy to find and you will not have to pay half the national debt in order to afford it. In simpler terms you have no excuse for having an unkempt beard.

Why you should not keep a beard

Global warming has made it difficult to live in this world. During summer, when temperatures are scorching a bear will not sound like such a good idea. The heat and moisture from your sweat will keep you scratching your face- a situation that is really bad for you skin.

Secondly, if you keep a beard, you will have to spend several minutes in front of a mirror to groom yourself. There is some slight shaving that will be required every now and then to keep it looking trim. The cheek line has to be maintained and the length of the beard regulated. Shaving is therefore very good for you and if the cavemen had a choice, they would also have trimmed their bushy beards and brows.

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