My Dad taught me to shave

Manual shaving has been the original way of shaving. Until recent tears men have been shaving with manual razors. From my own experience my dad taught me to shave with a manual razor. It’s more of ritual Shaving with a manual razor. You can only shave wet, meaning that you have to allocate some time to shaving and you need complementary accessories such as a shaving cream, shaving brush, or gel and a after shave treatment to avoid skin irritation and calm the skin after shaving. I’ve put a list of the type’s manual razors and shaving sets for men so it’s easy for you to make a choice between which one suit you best.

1. The straight razor

Straight razors give a terrific shave but involve a lot of time, skill and maintenance. The blade in a straight razor smartly folds into the handle. Straight razors have the sharpest ends and give the closest of shaves. The price of a straight razor can range from $50 to $200 with some costing to $1,000.

2. The safety razor

Safety razors are preferential to men because of their close, smooth shave without causing ingrown hairs and irritation. The razor blades used in safety razors are generally known as a DE razor blades or double-edge. They can easily last a lifetime. Their prices range from $25 to $150.

3. Cartridge razors

Cartridge razors have a handle made from either metal or plastic that holds a replaceable plastic cartridge. Gillette and Schick have spent millions of dollars in advertising to convince men to use multi-blade cartridge to get a better shave. The cost of the cartridge razors can range from $260 a year for 5 blade cartridge or $130 a year for 3 blade cartridge replacement.


Manual razors offer the closest shave for a longer period of time than other razors.Manual razors are easy to use and often the first shaving gear a man relies on.Equipment and blades and are easy to replace. Manual razors are generally the cheapest and most cost effective option available to men.Manual razors are easy to clean and to travel with.


Takes longer to shave with a manual razor because they require an application of grooming products. The blades of manual razors need to be every 4 to 5 weeks and they dull quickly. Increases your chance of getting nicks, ingrown hairs and cuts because you have over the same area many times to get the closet shave. Manual razors are at times less versatile because they need a wet shave and water for a easy shave.

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