The Dos And Don’ts Of Body Hair

Hair trends like every other fashion trend keep changing with each season and it sometimes get hard to keep up. The metrosexual movement has made it more acceptable for men to go hairless but there are still a few things to take note of before getting out the clippers or razor. First of all, using the right products and techniques as well as aftercare will ensure that there are no nasty side effects like razor burns, nicks, cuts and rashes.

It has been noted in a lot of studies and reports that women prefer hairless men and it may very well be possible that your girlfriend will love you more if you shave. For facial hair, wet the beard thoroughly to prevent irritation when shaving. Invest in a quality shaving cream that creates a creamy lather instead of foaming up and use a razor of good quality that is sharp changing the blades after about three shaves. Shave in the direction the hair is growing to get better results and to prevent ingrown hairs. After shaving, cleanse and soothe the area, rinse with cool water and then apply after shave preferably one with moisturizer.

Other dos include trimming armpit hair not only for aesthetic purposes but hygienic ones as well. Shaving them bare however may create a less masculine look unless that is something that is required by your profession or your partner like the look better. Chest hair should be groomed although completely removing it may not be necessary as a lot of women do actually like seeing a bit of hair on a man’s chest. Back hair is one of the most unsightly things on a man’s body according to a lot of women out there. This is the one part of the body that a man is allowed and even encouraged to keep completely hair-free. That said, Brazilians for men are not recommended not unless it is meant to change things up or keep things interesting. Constantly going bare can paint a man as vain and self-obsessed or sex-obsessed which either way does not look good.

The jury is still out on men who shave their legs with supporters and opposing teams for it. There are men who have to shave their legs and bodies for their careers like Michael Phelps, body builders and male models but on average men, the factions are split. Depending on the physique of the man, how hairy he is and choice of fashion, shaving of legs can be a plus or turn-off.

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