The Electric Shave vs The Wet Shave

Like it or not shaving is a part of being a man, whether it be every day or once every 6 months. Whether you use an electric shaver to maintain your manly face fuzz or a manual hand razor, there are both advantages and disadvantages to both. It all just depends on if you prefer to have a smooth baby face or if you’d rather have a little bit of manly stubble.

Electric Shavers

There are a number of things to consider about an electric shaver. While it may save you money on buying packs or refill razors and cartriges, some are cordless and batteries still cost money. As convenient as the cordless ones are for traveling and quick shaves with no water, having to explain to your boss or girlfriend that a half shaved face is due to dead batteries in your shaver is probably not on your list of things to do.

Another aspect to think about when it comes to electric shavers is how close of a shave are you wanting to achieve. Although they come equipped with adjustable levels of length, it is almost impossible to get a clean and smooth shave with an electric razor.

Manual Wet Shave Razors

When it comes to getting a good, close shave manual razors are the best choice. And thanks to the use of multiple blades they also help exfoliate your skin. Unlike the electric razors, you have to use at least water or something with a normal razor but luckily that helps keep you from pulling out painful hairs instead of cutting off like you should.

Manual razors also offer the convenience of easy to grab and use real fast in the shower. Although having to continuously buy new razors or new refills will eventually equal and exceed what you would have paid for an electric razor, not to mention the cost of lotion to prevent the razors burn from occurring.  This however is a fair price to pay especially for the pleasant experience of a good close shave.  Some argue that an electric shaver is much faster than a wet manual shave, however given that you learn to master the art of shaving there is no comparison. A wet shave can be just a fast you just need to know how to do it well. If you enjoy using a wet manual razor there are plenty of ways that you can save on your shaving expenses.

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