How to get a better, closer shave.

Learning and practicing the art of shaving can turn your daily shaving experience into something enjoyable instead of something that is at the worst painful and at the best mundane. Knowing how to properly shave can help you avoid razor burn, nicks, cuts, and uneven results. Shaving can literally be a pain if you do not do it correctly. Shaving the right way may take a little more time and might require a bit more effort, but the results will make the difference.

Beginning with the Tools

You need to begin with the right tools if you are going to learn how to shave properly. For a proper shaving routine, you will need a quality razor, a shaving brush, and shaving soap or shaving cream. Pre-shave oil and aftershave are also recommended products. There are many different razors out there for you to choose from. There are cheap disposable razors, cartridge razors, a variety of safety razors, and straight-edged razors. The safest option is to go for a razor in the middle of these categories. Look for a safety razor with replaceable blades if you want a good shave, but are not a shaving aficionado. A shaving brush is important. You can get very cheap synthetic brushes or go for the most expensive badger brushes. Again, it might be wise to choose something more in the middle. A real badger brush will work better than any of its synthetic counterparts, but even badger brushes vary widely in price and quality. Choose a shaving soap or shaving cream, and avoid those products that come in an aluminum can.

Steps to Shaving Properly

Follow a routine when you shave, and try not to think about how fast you can be done with it. Take your time and learn how to get a better closer shave. First, prepare your face with moist heat. This might mean taking a hot shower or wrapping hot towels around your face. After a minute or two, you can apply pre-shave oil if you would like, and then apply an even layer of lather with your shaving brush. Work the lather onto your face in circles. You want to get the lather between each hair and down to the skin so that it can open up your pores. When you start shaving, be sure to shave with the grain first. After, you can shave across or against the grain to get a closer shave. Take your time and you will get a much better shave. Applying aftershave can help prevent infection in the open pores. Once you get the art of shaving down, you will know the extra time is worth it.

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