How to prepare for a good wet shave

Are you looking for the best preparation methods before shaving? Look no more. Shaving is not a new trend, or a secret its just one of those things you have to do! Most gentlemen don’t know how to prepare for their shaving session, leading to partial shaving or razor burn. Shaving your beard requires some basic things. To start with, a hand or face towel, quality shaving cream, straight or double edged safety razor blades, shaving brushes and hot water. Remember to shave in front of a mirror. Below are some of the best ways to prepare before you start shaving.

  1. Firstly, take a bath or shower before shaving. If not so, take your bowl of hot water and use it to wipe your face and under the chin. The initiative is carried out in order to remove dirt and oil particles that may hinder penetration of the hot water. Dip your hands in the water and apply some to your face.
  2. Secondly, dip the shaving brush into the water then into the cream.Thirdly, smear the shaving cream onto your face adequately all over. This is done in order to remove every particle of dirt. Hot water is recommended since it opens up the pores, softens the hair papilla and stubbles the face surfaces. Lack of these leads to irritation and pulling out hair using the blade as the hair papilla is stiff. This is then followed by dipping the towel in the hot water and cleaning hence wiping your face. Hold the face towel for three to four minutes. This is to soften the hair.
  3. The last process is to take your shaving brush and re-apply the cream. You can now slide the razor or blade smoothly over your face and start shaving. Shave till you are satisfied with your nice clean shave.

Why not try and take a bit of extra time to treat yourself to a good wet shave?  It is so much more enjoyable and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.

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