Look great shaving

Majority of men love spending money and stocking their cabinets with quality hair and skin care products just to look great. They go as far as buying grooming products, brand clothes, shoes, and perfumes. They spend too much time and energy trying to look fitter and younger when going to work or attending social gatherings such as weddings or any other party. Well, to improve on their appearance, they should know that getting a good shave is very important as they will look great.

1. Choose the best shaving device

As you plan on shaving, you should know that with quality razor-blade, you are likely to get a clean shave. Manual razors are the best since they are quicker and will give you the results that you are looking for. All you need to do is to choose the one with quality disposable cartridges to make fewer cuts.

2. Be decisive

Do you want a wet or dry shave? A dry shave is the quickest, but wet shave is smooth and refreshing. Just make up your minds. You do not have to hang around the bathroom for hours staring at your reflection. That is a girl thing, not for men that shave.

3. Replace disposable razor

You should not wait for disposable cartridges to wear out. You need to know that dull blades are likely to cause you skin irritation, cuts, and poor shaving and most especially if you press too hard on the razor to make up for the dulled blade. You can have a fresh blade every week!

4. Wet the hair

Even though majority of men shave before taking a shower, the best way to get a clean shave is to shave after taking a shower. Alternatively, you can apply water to wet the surface that needs to be shaved. Hot water is a key to achieving a good look after shaving. This is because when the skin is wet, the pores are open and softens the whiskers.

5. Make good use of a shaving cream

Once you make your face wet, it is about time you apply the shaving cream. Rub it thoroughly into the skin. Allow the cream to stay there for a minute to soften your skin further for smooth shave.

6. Avoid shaving against the grain

You should avoid shaving against the grain. What this means is that you should shave in the direction of your hair growth. If you shave in the opposite direction, you might irritate your skin and you can cause ingrown hairs. Make sure you slide the razor-blade over your skin instead of pressing it against your skin.

7. Apply after shave

After shaving, you can now rinse with cold water as this will close your skin pores. Finish by applying moisturiser or an alcohol free after-shave.

With the above tips on how to look great shaving, you will more young and handsome than you really are!

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