How to prevent razor burn

Razor burns may happen as a result of improper shaving. Shaving can remove two layers of your skin, which is actually good as it helps in the exfoliation of the skin, but at times, because of an improper shaving technique, shaving may cause a burning sensation of the skin. Razor burns may be caused by one of the following reasons.

– No pre-shaving preparation or little shaving preparation

– Use of an improper shaving cream or insufficient application of shaving cream

– Use of a dull or a bad razor may also result in razor burns

– Wrong shaving technique

– Using a wrong product after saving

Let us look at some of the ways to prevent the problem of Razor burns:

Make sure that the beard is thoroughly wet before shaving- If you feel irritation or razor burn after shaving then you should properly wet your beard. When the beard is thoroughly wet, it absorbs moisture and smoothens the shaving process. A better idea is to take shower before shaving as after shower, the facial hair becomes moist and wet and smoothens shaving.

Shaving Cream – Application of a good shaving cream can help reduce the problem of razor burns. A good shaving cream has lubrication and moisturizing quality, which creates rich, creamy lather and makes the shaving process smooth. The smoother the shaving will be, lesser will be the chances of a shaving burn.

A good shaving brush – It helps in creating a rich creamy lather which smoothens shaving process, resulting in lesser probability of a razor burn.

Using a quality razor (like razor blades from the bearded colonel) – It is very important to prevent razor burns. Change the blades after a few shaves and in case you have a tough beard then you will require to change the shaving blade very frequently. Some use safety razors with a single or multiple blade. Some people like to use multiple-edged razors as they find it smoother and safe. While some people like to use single blade as they find it safer.

Shaving technique – It is very important. It is advisable to use your razor in the direction of the beard growth and not against it. Using short, simple strokes and cleaning the razor with flowing water will keep the blade edge intact. Keep the blade free of hair and rinse it properly so that it is clean.

After shaving – You should clean your face properly with cool water. Use a good after shave lotion. If you still have razor burn problem then you can think of applying a good moisturizer on your face, some lotions may also help. If it is not helping, then probably you should not shave for a few days or a week.

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