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How To Shave Your Beard Without The Nicks and Cuts

Shaving seems to be an easy task, however, your need some skill and a lot of practice in order to be perfect. This is not a big concern for individuals who have fewer beard, but for bearded men, it is something to look forward to each and every week. When shaving, your need to cut your beard not your face, here are some key factors to consider before getting rid of your beard or mustache.  

Choosing a razor

There are two types of razor that are normally used for shaving, the electric razor, and the wet razor. For people with sensitive skin, it is advisable that they use wet razor blades. They are easy to manage when it comes to pressure and direction. In case you want to use an electric razor, you need to look for the latest models that can be used with shaving creams.  

Shaving creams

There are two types of shaving creams, the alcohol and the non-alcohol based. Alcohol based creams are not suitable to use since they can leave your skin dry. You need to go for natural traditional shaving creams that don’t contain alcohol. If you skin is sensitive you should look for a cream that is particularly made for sensitive skins.  

How to prepare your skin

It is important you prepare your skin for shaving by opening the pores and softening the hair. You can do this by taking a clean piece of cloth and damp it in warm water. Then, apply it gently on the area where you want to shave for some minutes. It is good idea to shave in the shower since it helps soften your skin.  

Shaving Direction

Ensure to shave in the direction in which your hair grows. There is a greater chance of cutting yourself or creating bumps on your face when shaving against the hair. Therefore, when shaving your check or somebody else, shave with a downward (descending) direction, when you are shaving near neck to the area under the cheek, shave upwards.  

Maintain your razor blades

It is important to take care of your razor for the purpose of avoiding cuts. Shaving razor has a life span, and if you ignore, it might get dull hence causing cuts and wounds in your skin. You can extend the life span of your shaving razor by cleaning it regularly by use of alcohol.   Always take your time when shaving your beard, as rushing generally results in an uneven finish. You should grasp the trimmer gently and allow it to flow over your natural face contours.
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