To shave, or not to shave. Your Head?

To shave or not to shave your head is completely your choice. It does not matter if you have receding or thinning hair and want to look cooler, or if you simply want to try out a new style. As long as you are a hundred percent comfortable with the idea, just go for it!

The moment men began to gain interest in the bald head style, companies reacted to the consumers’ needs, and in the last couple of years, many manual head shaving and scalp care products were introduced into the market, giving the bald men lots of alternatives.

When you are first starting out, it may be confusing differentiating the good shaving products from the bad ones. To make your work easier, below are some of the best manual blades available in the market today:

· Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Shaving System: This best-rated razor provides wonderful designs at an affordable cost. It’s very easy to hold and feels great in your hand. Three progressively lined up anti-friction blades and an aloe lubricating strip gives you a very close and comfortable shave.

· Gillette Fusion Manual Razor: This razor has 5 gliding blades and an extra precision trim blade at the back of the cartridge, for the places that are hard to reach.

· Gillette Sensor Excel Shaver: The pivoting head and the twin self-adjusting blades follow the contours of your head, giving you the best shave each time.

In spite of the introduction of the above advanced shaving blades in the market, some people still prefer to use the ordinary straight razors so as to get an old-fashioned close shave. Most of the shaving aficionados will tell you that the one and only way to get a shave that lasts for long without any bumps or cuts is by using a straight razor. Nevertheless, if you don’t have experience in using such a razor, you may find it difficult to get a close and nick-free shave on your first try. With this razor technique, practice makes perfect, and you’ll get better at it with time. Here are some of the guidelines to get a perfect shave by using a straight razor:

· Cut your hair using a pair of scissors to about a half an inch from your scalp.

· Take a hot shower and rub your hair carefully using a shampoo. Rinse your head with warm water, and then towel dry your hair.

· Apply a shaving cream to your scalp. You should consider heating the shaving cream by running the bottle under hot water. You can use a shaving brush or even your fingers to apply the cream in a circular motion.

· Run the straight razor blade across your scalp at a twenty-degree angle. Remember to be careful not to cut your skin, but get the closest shave you can. I like to use Bearded Colonel’s Razor Blades.

· Rinse your head with cold water, and in case you have any cuts, dab the cuts with hydrogen peroxide.

Shaving your head using manual blades is quite easy and you can do it yourself. However, you should consider asking someone to help shave the back of your head for the first few times, as it’s quite easy to nick yourself, even if you are careful, especially if you are using a straight razor blade.

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