Shaving Techniques That Bodybuilders Use To Look More Toned

Have you ever wondered why professional bodybuilders don’t have hair on their bodies? Well, most of them tone down excess body hair by using special shaving procedures. All contestants are required to have smooth bodies before going on-stage. Those with coarse and bushy skin may not be allowed to present themselves before judges.

There are many techniques that can be used to remove unnecessary hair from the body. Nevertheless, one should be keen to choose the safest method that would not result in side effects such as blisters. After identifying the best approach to use, bodybuilders should give themselves enough time for the skin to get used to shaving. The last thing you should do as a professional weightlifter is shaving for the first time a few hours before appearing for the competition.


Creams are the most popular shaving appliances since most people consider them to be less intrusive. Though this may be true, fact still remains that they are made from chemicals that could potentially react with the skin, particularly if one is allergic to ingredients found within the ointment. You definitely don’t want to have red, ugly and irritating rushes on the skin caused by your skin’s allergic reaction to the cream. No matter how large or toned your muscles are, such a thing can greatly ruin your chances of winning a bodybuilding contest. Judges don’t just look into these factors as much as they are important, but also your presentation and overall appearance on stage. Moreover, those who naturally grow long and tough hair may consider using other alternative since cream alone may not be able to pluck such types of hair from the roots.

Electric Clippers

Most of them consist of a comb, clipper and mechanical razor all fitted within the same machine. Once the switch is turned on, one can shave off as much hair as they want without worrying about the product getting finished as is the case with ointments. Bodybuilders should give themselves plenty of time while using electric clippers, since mistakes can be costly given that they may leave permanent scars on the skin. Shaving huge portions of hair can’t be rushed especially if you’re doing it for the first time, this process may take several minutes or even hours but the best thing you can do is being patient. Bodybuilders shave to look more toned and that is the nature of their business, if you are interested in joining this profession then it’s good to know which shaving technique would work for you. Many body builders will then finish off this process by using a razor blade to make sure that the skin is very smooth and will pick up more oil to look the best they can

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