Signs that you need to change your razor blades

Razor blades are meant to be safe when you use them to shave and they should not lead to any complications. It is very important to know the right time and how often you should change your razor blades. You do not need to replace the blades each time you want to shave. There are some simple steps that when taken will help your razor to last for long and save you some money. For instance rinsing your blade with hot water and letting it air dry will make it last longer before you can replace it.

Many factors will influence how long your blade will last and this is why there is no set time for you to replace it. For example this will depend on how thick your hair is, how often you will be shaving and the size of the area you will be shaving. A good blade should glide through your skin when you are shaving, if you feel like it is pilling then this is an indication that you should replace it. Dull blades need to be replaced immediately because they could lead to a rash or irritation.

Another indication that you need to replace your blade is the sign of rust. You need to replace your blade immediately you see rust on it. It is also recommended that you replace the blade after an average of five to seven uses. Some blades have indicator strips that are used as a sign that you need to replace it when the strips starts to fade. You need to be comfortable when shaving if the blade is good, if you feel uncomfortable then replace it immediately.

When you have the feeling that the blade is dragging against your skin instead of cutting the hair then this is an indication that you need to do away with it. Another sign that you can use to know when to do the replacement is when you feel more irritated after shaving than usual. This can be very dangerous to your skin and this is why you need to do the replacement immediately. If you avoid this signs and continue using the blade, then you can be ready for complications on your skin. There are many things you can use to determine if you need to replace your blade or not and this depend largely on how well you take care of your blade. You could also consider using a strong durable razor like the ones here.

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