Subscribe and save, a tip from James

I have a meeting at 9am and I have to hurry. The alarm clock didn’t sound and I woke up at 7:30. With rush hour traffic, I need to hurry, and when I look in the mirror, I realize I need to shave. Why can’t I have a hairless face? Where is a razor? I know I bought some. I start thinking, and I realize it was a few weeks back when I bought those razors. What will I do? I don’t have time to run to the store and get razors. Maybe James next door has some razors. Running out the front door in my bathrobe, I notice Mrs Jenkins across the street shaking her head as I leap over the hedge separating my house with James’. James took his time answering the door, but he did have razors. He had a lot of razors. Before I left with one James exclaimed, “You need to subscribe, save, and shave.” I looked at James with what must have been a questionable look. He led me to his computer screen and showed me the website where I could subscribe, save, and shave. He explained how he just signed up and he has razors and other shaving equipment at a fraction of the cost he pays at the stores. “That is why I am always clean shaven,” James said rubbing his chin.

I made it to work with a clean shaven face. The razor was so sharp and good that I shaved faster than normal. Janie, the beautiful secretary gave me the nicest compliment on my clean shaven face. I smiled and thought, I do have to subscribe, save, and shave. At our lunch break that day, I used my smartphone and visited the website James told me about. I subscribed, and now I am saving and shaving, plus I have a date with Janie on Friday night. There is a razor subscription in the UK from The Bearded Colonel go and check them out!

Job well done, Thanks James!

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