Transformation Of A 3 Day Stubble From Being A Seasonal Trend To A Full Blown Men’s Fashion Statement

The days of women getting attracted to a clean shaven man are well gone by as the characteristics of a well groomed man has undergone a rapid make over in the last few years. One such fashion statement that is sweeping the women of their feet is the 3 day stubble look. The popularity of the 3 day stubble has become all encompassing as it has spread its wings across the bar room to the board room. This rugged look has increased the masculinity levels and is preferred in equal measures h by the youngsters and the middle aged men.

In addition to making a fashion statement, the stubble or the shorter facial hair is also suitable for men whose skin is too sensitive to frequent shaving actions. In order to maintain an attractive stubble, men has to look at two important aspects in the form of

  1. Stubble Shaping and Grooming
  2. Maintaining the overall length of the stubble

Stubble Shaping and Grooming

Stubble shaping mainly deals with clean shaving the areas that are outside the natural growth of the stubble. These areas include the top portion of the cheeks and the lower portion of the neck. By maintaining these areas in a clean shaven condition, the stubble would get a well groomed sharp line. In order to achieve this one has to first exfoliate their face with a face wash. This would remove the dead skin cells and lift the extra hair growth around the stubble region. By using a trimmer one can slowly trim the facial area that is outside the stubble. While trimming, one has to be extremely careful so that the stubble gets a sharp and an uniform edge to it. Trimming has to be done in the direction of hair growth.

Maintaining the length of the Stubble

With the rising popularity of the rugged stubble look, shaving blade manufacturers have now started introducing stubble kits as part of the trimming kit. This trimmer cum stubble kit can be extremely useful in maintaining the length of the beard to the required dimensions. The stubble kit comes with the required settings for achieving the picture perfect stubble not only along the chin areas but also below the neck areas. One can also adjust the blade settings to create designer stubble that stand makes men stand out in the crowd. The best stubble is still going to be right after having a proper shave with a wet razor blade after you shave your hair will grow back stronger and the stubble will look more quality.

Stubble look made popular by Celebrities

When a sports celebrity and a fashion icon like David Beckham comes with a three day stubble, it clearly indicates that the stubble fashion is here to stay for quite some time.Brad Pitt, Some of the biggest Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and George Clooney had sported a three day stubble look at certain points in the last couple of years.

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