Why Are Gillette Blades So Expensive?

If you are a faithful shaver, you may have taken notice of the prices that changed. If you are using a generic razor or shaving device, you know that they are not as expensive as the name brand razors and other shaving devices. You could pay anywhere from £1 to £30 or more for a shaving device or kit. So how about Gillette? Why are they so expensive? Needless to say, Gillette is not a generic branded company that produces generic products. Gillette is a popular brand name that has razors, shaving devices, and other products, such as shaving cream. Just go to your local store and see how much a 4 pack of Gillette Fusion Blades will cost you!

Why So Expensive?

Many people shave on a daily basis, and go on with their errands and doing other things. Have you ever thought that shaving was science? There are many different scholarly and trained people whose job it is to sit and watch people shave! It may sound strange, and a little too good to be true, but it is the expert’s job to figure out which razors work best for the current situation. You can’t imagine how much these experts are paid!

Your Contribution

Believe it or not, you contribute a great deal in this situation. Depending on how much you shave, you could save money. If you have to shave occasionally, a £15 – £25 razor or other shaving device may not hit your wallet as hard as a person who has to shaves everyday maybe even more than once. When you purchase your next razor, look at the characteristics that it has and who the ideal candidate for the razor is. If you would like a close shave, purchase a razor that offers that. If you want to trim things up and keep it nice and neat, find a razor that offers those benefits. Only purchase what you need! You can save a lot of money by doing so. Another way to save money is to subscribe and get your razor blades in regular intervals.  By subscribing you are not only finding a great deal, you can also avoid the big brand names, who don’t only charge you for their product but you are also paying for their marketing budget.  So think about that the next time you are in the supermarket of pharmacy buying razor blades.  You could have a look around, there are more brands than what you see in front of you. I personally like subscription options as it means I’m saving money but also the time and hassle of going to buy my razor blades. Why not save both time and money and get your blades from BeardedColonel.co.uk?

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